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Strategic Plan 2020-2024

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan for the Township of Georgian Bluffs was driven by a vision, mission, and set of values aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering economic and social opportunities for the community.

Vision: Quality of life through opportunity, beauty, and adventure.

Mission: Creating economic and social opportunities through responsible leadership, innovation, and partnership.

Corporate Values: People, Trust, Respect, Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Stewardship.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Improve Communication, Collaboration, and Transparency
  2. Foster Economic Growth
  3. Demonstrate and Enhance Environmental Stewardship
  4. Increase Available Community, Recreational, and Social Opportunities
  5. Deliver Effective and Cost-Efficient Services

Objectives: Each goal was supported by specific objectives aimed at achieving the broader strategic goals.

Strategic Plan Outcome

Over the course of the 2020-2024 strategic plan, the Township of Georgian Bluffs made strides in advancing its vision of fostering economic prosperity, enhancing environmental stewardship, and improving community well-being. Through targeted initiatives and collaborative efforts, the township achieved accomplishments in areas such as communication and collaboration, economic growth, environmental sustainability, community development, and effective service delivery. Despite facing challenges, Georgian Bluffs also found opportunities for growth and innovation, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and vibrant community.


  1. Communication & Transparency: Township communications and transparency have improved. The website and social media use has dramatically increased, and genuine community engagement practices are being adopted.

  2. Planning: A comprehensive review of the Township's Official Plan is well underway and expected to conclude in 2024, with a Zoning Bylaw update to follow.

  3. Environmental: Provincial recycling strategies are being implemented locally, and water supplies have been maintained.

  4. Community Services: Likely seeing the greatest progress against the established targets, the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan and the Recreation and Trails Master Plan were completed, improvements were made to several recreational (outdoor) spaces, and accessibility enhancements were made.

  5. Cost effective services: Engagement was increased with streaming and agenda improvements, compensation reviews were undertaken and Fire Service agreements renewed.


Despite these successes, the township faced challenges in some areas. A communications strategy was delayed, environmental concerns surrounding the Biodigester continued, and unanticipated projects like Short-Term Accommodations and the Kemble Arena redevelopment drew resources. The absence of SMART criteria in the existing Strategic Plan, coupled with the upheavals brought by COVID-19 and provincial legislative changes, underscored the need for adaptive planning and ongoing evaluation of objectives.


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